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500 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060
Mystery Spot Santa Cruz, California
History of Mystery Spot Santa Cruz, California

Mystery Spot History

Discovered in 1939 by a group of surveyors, the Mystery Spot became open to the public just one year later. Hundreds of thousands of visitors from all across the globe have been thoroughly stumped by the Mystery Spot mystery. Many of them have actually come back time and again to try and solve not just the perplexing gravity issues but the crazy variations of perspective and height. For more information, visit, www.mysteryspot.com/history/what-is-it

Santa Cruz Mystery Spot Hotel -

Well-appointed guestrooms, personal service, and an array of amenities await you at the BEST WESTERN PLUS All Suites Inn. Our Santa Cruz, California hotel also features a convenient location that puts guests within close proximity of many attractions, such as the Mystery Spot.

Mystery Spot Theories -

While no one has yet solved the puzzle of the Mystery Spot, there are those who have speculated that cones of metal were brought by aliens and buried in the ground to be used as guidance systems for their spacecraft. There are some people who believe that it's not just metal from a spacecraft but an actual spacecraft that's buried in the earth. Additional explanations include carbon dioxide permeating the ground, a hole in the ozone layer, a magma vortex, and the highest dielectric bio-cosmic radiation found anywhere on the planet. For more information, visit, www.mysteryspot.com/history/what-is-it

Mystery Spot Activities -

In addition to touring the Mystery Spot itself, you can enjoy a great time in the great outdoors by taking a picturesque hike through a redwood forest. Afterwards, be sure to stop by the Mystery Spot Gift Shop to pick up something to remember your visit by. The shop features everything from clothing, drink containers, and patches to tags, key chains, and books. For more information, visit, www.mysteryspot.com